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- KS Court Subpoenas Abortion Clinic Records in Rape Investigation
- Planned Parenthood Under Investigation by IN Attorney General

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline seeks evidence in medical records of abortion clinics to as part of his investigation of child rape & illegal late term abortions.
In Indiana, Planned Parenthood has sued to prevent Attorney General Steve Carter and his Medical Fraud Control Unit from searching the medical records of 12 & 13-year-old children that were victims child abuse. The AG is seeking evidence to prosecute sexual predators.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana, under investigation by the Attorney General's Medical Fraud Unit, has denied investigators access to the medical records of 12- and 13-year-old child abuse victims. In Kansas, abortion clinics have failed to turn over court subpoenaed medical records to Attorney General Phill Klein's investigation of unreported child rape and illegal late term abortions. Child rape is a serious crime, and when a girl under 14 is pregnant, under Kansas law and Indiana law, she has been raped. And abortion clinics routinely cover up child rape as was previously proven by Life Dynamics.

During a two year investigation, Life Dynamics legally recorded over 800 calls to Planned Parenthood and NAF facilities in which the caller portrayed a 13-year-old who was pregnant by a 22-year-old and wanted an abortion in order to hide this relationship from her parents and the authorities. While many clinic workers can be heard on the tapes telling the caller that this situation was unlawful and that they were legally mandated to report it to the state, 91% of these facilities still agreed to illegally conceal it. So it's no wonder that abortion clinics are refusing to cooperate with law enforcement efforts to investigate child abuse. In Kansas, abortion clinic representatives have even gone so far as to state in published reports that they will not comply with the state's mandatory reporting laws.

Visit this page for the latest news, commentaries and interviews related to the investigation of abortion clinics by the Kansas AG, the investigation of Planned Parenthood by the Attorney General of Indiana and future child rape/abortion clinic investigations in other states. We'll also post related news, such as the case where the family of a 13-year-old girl made pregnant by a 21-year-old man has sued Planned Parenthood for "aiding and abetting" the sexual predator who abused their daughter.

LDI Press Release          Read the Special Report on Child Predators

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Print news

Abortionists to surrender records of child rape?

Abortion clinics turn over 1st evidence to Kansas Bureau of Investigation

New law forces clinics to stop protecting perpetrators in child rape cases

New law targets sexual predators who use abortion to conceal child rape

Child Rape Protection Act takes effect in Kansas

Legal foundation announces lawsuit against Planned Parenthood

Parents sue Ohio Planned Parenthood for covering up their daughter's rape

Legislature follows AG, seeks to stop abortion clinics from concealing rape

Passes law which would preserve fetal tissue DNA to prosecute predators 

CBS News: AG's shouldn't seek evidence of Planned Parenthood crimes

See any pro-choice bias in reports on AG's abortion clinic investigations?

Attorney General seeking "to uncover criminial activity" at abortion clinics

Abortion records fight is about principle, protecting children from predators

Girl's abortion death fueling anti-abortion sentiment in Kansas

Regulation, investigation of clinics will help to protect girls, women

Indiana Attorney General seeks evidence in Planned Parenthood records

Planned Parenthood is under investigation for unreported child abuse

Clinics threaten AG Kline for allegedly breaking gag order

Abortionists also vow to tell patients that their records have been subpoened

Planned Parenthood sues state of Indiana over medical records

Clinics try to keep records of 12 and 13-year-olds from investigators


Obey court order and show patients' records to investigators
by: NW Times Editorial 

The legal action against Planned Parenthood of Indiana over young patients' medical records is a case worth watching. It's a struggle between the sacred principle of doctor-patient confidentiality and the state's sacred vow to protect children.  more...

  How society enables the abuse of kids

by: Kelly Hollowell, J.D., Ph.D. 

In the case of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, the crime was committed by a registered sex offender...  "Why don't we better protect our children from and more aggressively pursue sexual predators?"... Consider that in Kansas and Indiana the states' chief law enforcement officials have decided to pursue and prosecute child molesters by searching medical records for evidence of rape and child abuse... In each case, abortion rights advocates object on grounds of privacy. Ironically, that means the rapists go free under the veil of women's sexual freedom and right to abortion. So instead of protecting the very people the organization supposedly exists to serve, Planned Parenthood is protecting men who abuse women and young girlsmore...


Audio, interviews

Listen to Mark's interviews on the Kansas Attorney General's criminal investigation of abortion clinics, unreported child rape and the lawsuit by Planned Parenthood seeking to stop the Indiana Attorney General from searching the medical records of 12 & 13-yr.-old child abuse victims.

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  • Click here for the Kansas Attorney General's web site. Click here for the Indiana Attorney General's web site.

    For more on Life Dynamics investigation into the cover up of child rape at America's abortion clinics visit where you can request a free copy of the Special Report on Child Predators or you can read it online and hear the tapes.

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