All That Glitters

Some time ago, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), began allowing the “Morning-After Pill” (MAP) to be sold over-the-counter without a prescription. At the time, I pointed out that this was a tremendous victory for perverts who prey on underage girls for sex. After all, these guys understand that pregnant 13-year-olds can result in a couple of men with badges, guns and no sense of humor walking up their sidewalk. But thanks to the Obama administration, that little problem can be headed-off with a quick trip to the neighborhood drug store. One little pill and the child is cleaned-out and back in service. Of course, the most important thing is that those pesky cops aren’t knocking on the front door.

Then in December, HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, announced that MAP sales would not be permitted to children under seventeen. The next day, Barack Obama leaped on board telling the media that he fully supported her decision. Meanwhile, some pro-life and pro-family groups even joined the chorus characterizing Sebelious’ action as a crucial first-step in protecting young girls. This is unadulterated nonsense.

Let’s get one thing perfectly straight. The problem never was that over-the-counter MAP sales allows statutory rape victims to buy these pills anonymously. The problem was that over-the-counter MAP sales allows statutory rape perpetrators to buy them anonymously. And that is still the case. For years, the American abortion and contraception cartel has been operating a pedophile protection racket and this decision does not alter that in any way.

Moreover, Obama and Sebelius are fully aware of this and are simply grandstanding for the nation’s Catholic bishops. In fact, even some Democrat Party operatives are conceding this point.

Remember, in order to be re-elected, Obama has to receive a significant percentage of the Catholic vote. Working against that is a growing awareness among Catholics that ObamaCare is going to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions, take away the “conscious clauses” that protect Catholic healthcare workers and require Catholic pharmacists to fill birth-control prescriptions. It is also pretty clear that these are things that, contrary to their public pronouncements, the Obamanistas are not willing to give up. They understand that when medical professionals have the option to either participate in abortion or not, they choose the latter. This means that the only long-term hope the abortion industry has for survival is in forced abortion provision.

That is the driving force behind the sudden decision to limit MAP sales. It is a no-expense / low-risk way to sand away the rough edges of issues that are irritating a crucial group of voters. The cold reality is, the Over-the-Counter-Morning-After-Pill controversy was yesterday’s wound and, if this were not an election year, Obama and Sebilious would not have picked the scab off of it.