Today, we are seeing our nation, and indeed the entire world, being attacked by the coronavirus.

Our environment is changing by the hour and where this is headed only God knows. We must pray for President Trump and the team of medical experts he has put together.

But we must also not forget that the abortion lobby is still churning out tiny corpses by the thousands.

Not surprisingly, they even tried to exploit this situation when Nancy Pelosi got caught trying to sneak millions of dollars for Planned Parenthood into an emergency bill intended to address the coronavirus pandemic. This was a new low even by her abysmal standards.

Since this situation began, the phones at Life Dynamics have quit ringing and our financial support has almost totally dried up. On one level this is understandable; this is obviously a dangerous disease that must be fought with everything we have. But the reality is that for every person dying from coronavirus, Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry’s goons are killing hundreds of helpless babies.

Here are some facts I ask you to think about:

When I started Life Dynamics in 1992, the American abortion industry had over 2,100 free-standing abortion clinics, each was fully staffed, they were doing about 5,000 abortions a day, they were making money by the boxcar, and the overwhelming majority of the American people identified themselves as “pro-choice.” Today, about 75% of those death camps have closed permanently, most of those that remain are not only understaffed but in a constant state of turnover, the abortion rate has plummeted by about 3,000 babies – PER DAY – and polls routinely show that public opinion has swung toward the pro-life position.

The point is, we now have opportunities to win this battle that didn’t exist thirty years ago and may not come again. To get here, you and I made the sacrifices that had to be made, bore the burdens that had to be borne, and overcame the obstacles that had to be overcome. And I don’t want to believe that we came all this way, over all these years, just to let Satan use this tragedy to distract us from the task God has given us.

-Mark Crutcher

President of Life Dynamics


This article was originally posted on LifeDynamics.com under the title, “Perspective On The Coronavirus”