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Mark Crutcher

Counterfeit Christians and The Great Ping-Pong Scam

Recently, forty-eight Democrat members of Congress signed a letter railing against Catholic bishops who say that pro-abortion politicians should be denied communion.  Interestingly, some of the people signing this letter claim to be “personally opposed” to abortion but say that it is not their place to legislate Catholic doctrine. As a Baptist, I agree.  Lawmakers […]

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The Pennsylvania Treason

I have often asserted that, for the pro-life movement, the only practical distinction between the Democrat and Republican parties is that one is an enemy who will stab us in the chest and the other is a friend who will stab us in the back. Tuesday’s Republican primary in Pennsylvania proved my point.  Hard-core abortion […]

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Same Lies, New Verse

The American abortion lobby is poised to hold its death march in Washington DC to renew their commitment to the slaughter of premature babies.  Of course, they will cynically disguise their agenda as concern for the lives of women who might be killed if abortion is again made illegal. Of course, these people are lying […]

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Giant Right-Wing Conspiracy Strikes Again

Last October several Arizona women complained to authorities that while they were having abortions at a Phoenix area clinic, abortionist Brian Finkel sexually molested them.  Most of these accusations involved fondling the breasts of these women, massaging their clitoris, or performing oral sex on them.  Naturally, Finkel had a plausible explanation for all this.  He […]

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