The Marketing of Aborted Baby Parts

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2000 in Reports

As the process continued, our next concern was in the way Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta were processing the information we gave them. We had provided them with orders for baby parts, price lists for baby parts, brochures and advertising materials for baby parts, internal abortion industry financial records documenting the sale of baby parts, abortion clinic protocols for the harvesting of baby parts, tissue logs, parts inventory lists, shipping documentation and much more. Then we spent hours on the phone going over each of these documents with them to make certain they understood their significance. Our frustration was that they always seemed to be largely disinterested in this “meat and potatoes” stuff. Their only real interest was in Dean Alberty – the abortion industry employee who had put us onto the baby parts trail in the first place.

Alberty had worked as a retrieval agent for both the Anatomic Gift Foundation and Opening Lines. He eventually became sickened by what he was doing and decided to get out. The final straw came when he was brought a stainless steel bucket containing twins who had survived their abortion and were still moving around. When he told the abortionist that he would not harvest parts from them because they were still alive, the abortionist filled the container with water. Once they had drowned them, Alberty then retrieved the parts. Prior to this episode, Alberty claims that the only time he dissected living children was when he believed they were dead and only learned otherwise after he had cut them open and witnessed the heart beating.

Immediately after the twins incident, circumstances put Alberty into contact with Life Dynamics. For the next 31 months, he worked undercover for us gathering the documentation we needed to prove that the abortion industry was trafficking in the bodies and body parts of the babies they kill.

From the day we began working with him, there was never a question in our minds about his knowledge of the inner workings of the baby parts business. In fact, he once told us that he was actually instrumental in the formation of Opening Lines and we eventually determined that he was telling the truth. However, during our time with him it became clear to us that he was, quite understandably, a deeply wounded and traumatized individual. For that, and a variety of other reasons, we knew that using him as the centerpiece of the hearing instead of the hard data we had accumulated was a formula for disaster.

Another problem we anticipated had to do with the nature of people who become spies. During our years of infiltrating the abortion industry, we have dealt with many of them and continue to do so today. One thing we have learned through this experience is that spies are unpredictable and unreliable. Moreover, they lie to the people for whom they are spying. That is why we never trust anything they tell us until and unless we are able to get independent documentation.

As for Alberty, from the first day we began talking to him there were several instances in which he told us things that we either knew at the time were not true or discovered to be untrue later on. This was something which, on more than one occasion, we informed the producer for 20/20 and the House Commerce Committee staffers. In fact, we repeatedly warned Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta that the hearing would blow up in their faces if they allowed it to revolve around Alberty and what he might do or say.

More importantly, there was no practical reason to make Alberty the focal point of the hearing. Long before this hearing was even contemplated, we could back up every claim we were making with solid unimpeachable documentation. Since we didn’t need Alberty to make the case, using him was simply a risk not worth taking. That is why, on numerous occasions, we strongly advised Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta to relate to Alberty in the same way we always had. Over the years, we have learned to look upon spies and infiltrators like birddogs. They tell us what we’re looking for and where to dig, but we never assume that what they are saying is valid until we uncover the necessary documentation, corroboration or verification.

In the case of Alberty, we never went public with any of the things he told us until after we acquired a substantial body of documentation to back them up. In fact, he told us some things regarding this issue that we are fully confident are true, but we have never made them public because we couldn’t get independent validation.