The Marketing of Aborted Baby Parts

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2000 in Reports

Unfortunately, all of our warnings about Alberty fell on deaf ears. Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta steadfastly dismissed the possibility that we might know more about him than they did, despite the fact that they had never met him and we had been working with him for almost three years. Their attitude was that Alberty was going to be the star of the hearing and there was nothing to discuss. It seems that in the grimy world of Washington politics, the opportunity to grandstand in front of a packed hearing room with a real, live, flesh and blood spy is just too seductive to resist.

As the date for the hearing approached, we learned that three Republicans, Bilirakis, Upton, and Jim Greenwood (R-PA) had joined with Committee Democrats in calling for a closed hearing. When it started to leak out that the hearing may be held in secret, the Democrats began to fear that this could backfire and create a public relations problem. At that point, they quietly dropped the plan. However, just the fact they seriously contemplated barring both the media and the public from the hearing suggested to us that an organized cover-up was underway. We later saw that this was also a preview of just how nasty and underhanded the Committee’s pro-aborts – both Republicans and Democrats – were prepared to be in order to protect the abortion industry.

This was further confirmed when an even more sinister plot surfaced in the days immediately preceding the hearing. Alberty, and another witness who had agreed to testify, called us and said that they had received threatening phone calls from lawyers associated with the Commerce Committee’s Democrats. In one call, Alberty said he was even told that if he showed up for the hearing he would be arrested for murder!

When we informed the Committee’s Republican staff about this development they agreed to look into it. Later, we received a call back saying that an attorney for the Committee had contacted the Democrat attorney whose name Alberty had given us. They said that this attorney openly admitted that she had indeed made the calls. Even more shocking was that, even though she was warned that these actions might constitute illegal witness tampering and obstruction of justice, the calls continued. In fact, the last one was made the day before the hearing began.

We were told that the Republican members of the Committee were outraged and considered this an extremely serious matter that could result in arrest warrants and criminal charges for those responsible. We were also told that these Committee members had vowed that this incident would be the first order of business to be addressed at the hearing.