The Marketing of Aborted Baby Parts

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2000 in Reports

As for Miles Jones – the only person subpoenaed to appear at the hearing – he chose not to show up. However, the House apparently decided to just let it slide since no warrant or other legal action was ever taken against him for defying the subpoena. Of course, this meant that the only subpoena issued by the House was meaningless. Beyond that – and to no one’s surprise – Jones wasn’t the only no-show. Neither the Bardsleys nor any of the other “voluntary” witnesses from the baby parts industry made an appearance.

Given these realities, the Democrats knew they could dominate the hearing and by the time it began they were practically foaming at the mouth. Their strategy was immediately obvious. Having recognized that the trafficking of baby parts by their buddies in the abortion industry could be neither denied nor defended, their only option was to head off any discussion of it. In order to create such a diversion, this pack of moral hyenas unleashed a personal attack on Alberty that was nasty, deceptive and well orchestrated.

Throughout the afternoon and into the night, Alberty was badgered, bullied and beaten without mercy. The inquisition conducted by rabid pro-aborts Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Diana DeGette (D-CO) was nothing less than hysterical ranting. We also saw that our instincts about Fred Upton – the pro-abort Republican who Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta wanted to chair the hearing – were correct. When the Democrats began to savage Alberty, Upton immediately joined the feeding frenzy along with fellow pro-abortion Republican, Jim Greenwood.

Eventually, Alberty admitted that he had told Life Dynamics some things that were not true. That was no surprise to us since we had caught him in several lies over the years – a fact which we had repeated to Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta on several occasions. Of course, Alberty’s admissions dovetailed perfectly with the strategy designed by the Committee pro-aborts. They were going to see to it that this hearing was not about the trafficking of dead baby parts but about the sins of Dean Alberty – regardless of how insignificant and/or irrelevant they might be. Playing into this strategy was the fact that Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta had completely ignored our warnings about Alberty. That left the Committee’s pro-life members completely unprepared to deal with these issues.

A perfect example of this was when Alberty admitted that he had never actually seen money change hands for the purchase of baby parts. He was then asked why he told Life Dynamics that he had seen this when, in fact, he hadn’t. There was an audible gasp in the room when he said that he was simply telling us what he thought we wanted to hear. Naturally, the Committee pro-aborts knew they had struck oil and they immediately went into their phony “shocked and outraged” mode. Needless to say, they quickly recovered and started hammering away on Alberty even more viciously.

The reality about this particular issue is that Alberty never told us he had seen money change hands and we never told anyone that Alberty claimed to have seen money change hands. In fact, at no time was this issue ever raised since there is no reason to expect that Alberty would have been a witness to these payments. He was simply a technician employed by a “wholesaler” to retrieve parts from inside the clinic. The wholesaler paid the clinic owner a “site fee” for giving him a space to work and access to the dead babies. The wholesaler then sold the parts to the end user. In short, all financial transactions took place between the wholesaler, the clinic and the end users. There was no reason for Alberty to be involved and, consequently, he wasn’t involved. He was simply an employee who received a paycheck.