The Marketing of Aborted Baby Parts

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2000 in Reports

In effect, Alberty was no different than a man who works on a General Motors assembly line. This employee doesn’t personally witness GM paying its suppliers for steel and he doesn’t personally witness GM receiving payment for the cars it sells to dealers. Nonetheless, he is certainly aware that this is how the system works. If such an employee described this arrangement to others, no one would suggest that he was lying simply because he had never actually seen any money change hands.

Of course, the most important consideration regarding this subject is that it is completely irrelevant whether Alberty witnessed or did not witness the payments. We provided independent and irrefutable documentation that they were made. For a significant part of the time we spent in our investigation, we had infiltrators other than Alberty giving us information and one of those operatives provided financial records for the same clinic where Alberty worked. Those records give detailed accounts of payments made between Alberty’s employer and the clinic. In addition, the price lists provided by the wholesaler to the end users, combined with the orders received from the buyers and the tissue logs of parts shipped, clearly document the money trail. We also had undercover-recorded conversations with wholesalers in which they described the financial arrangements in unambiguous detail. All of this material was turned over to Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta.

The point is, if the pro-aborts on the Committee had been interested in finding out whether the parts of dead babies were being sold for profit, they could have easily done so without asking Alberty one single question. However, getting to the truth was not their goal. Their goal was to get to Alberty and when he used the line about telling us what he thought we wanted to hear, they knew they could use it as a way to keep from talking about the trafficking in baby parts. And this is just one of many examples of how the Committee’s pro-abortion Democrats used diversion and deception to manipulate the hearing.

Meanwhile, pro-life Republicans Tom Coburn (R-OK), Barbara Cubin (R-WY), Charles Norwood (R-GA), Nathan Deal (R-GA) and Ed Bryant (R-TN) did the best they could, but they were simply outgunned. Throughout the day, they were repeatedly blindsided by issues that we had told Wheat, Delmonte and Paoletta were coming.

The most frustrating aspect of all this was that we had spent almost three years investigating this issue, had gathered a substantial body of documentation, knew more about the baby parts trade than anyone else in the country, and were sitting in the second row. Yet, even after it was clear that the hearing was spiraling toward the ground, and despite the fact that these shell-shocked Commerce Committee staffers were frozen in place with no clue about what to do next, we were never asked for our input or advise. We had to quietly sit there knowing that every distortion, every innuendo and every lie the pro-aborts were using to sabotage the hearing could have been easily defeated and turned into a positive.