The Marketing of Aborted Baby Parts

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2000 in Reports

In the final analysis, a Congressional hearing created to investigate the marketing of baby parts lasted all day and into the night without spending one single moment in legitimate discussion about the marketing of baby parts. This sorry episode serves as irrefutable proof of two things. First, the pro-life movement must not only be vigilant against the enemy who would stab us in the chest, but also against the ally who would stab us in the back. And second, in the world of those who defend legal abortion, the supply of truth will always exceed the demand for it.

Today, we are routinely asked whether aborted baby parts are still being bought and sold. When we respond that they are, we are inevitably asked why the federal laws that prohibit it are not being enforced. The short answer is that there is no political will to enforce these laws. In a roundabout way, that was the theme of a meeting we had in DC with two pro-life political operatives who had direct ties to the Republican leadership in Congress. Well before the hearing had even been scheduled, we had furnished them copies of the baby parts orders as well as a body of other materials which, at that time, we had not made public.

During that meeting, they told us that they had looked at our materials and concluded that our biggest obstacle in trying to stop the trafficking of baby parts was the fact that the Democrats were in bed with the sellers and the Republicans were in bed with the buyers. Regrettably, that turned out to be the most significant insight we ever received as to why nothing will ever be done about this issue.

We had always expected that the Democrats on the committee would be a problem. After all, like the national leadership of their party, these people are nothing more than amoral toadies for the abortion lobby and that was clearly evident at the hearing.

What we had not factored in was that Republicans in Congress routinely get enormous financial contributions from the pharmaceutical corporations and biotech companies that buy the baby parts. And while this is not what doomed the hearing, what it did do is make certain the baby parts inquiry went no further. By the time the hearing was over, the Republicans who take contributions from these pharmaceutical and biotech companies had come to see that, for them, the baby parts issue is a sleeping dog that is better left unkicked.