The Marketing of Aborted Baby Parts

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2000 in Reports

MYTH: The baby parts story turned out to be a hoax fabricated by Life Dynamics.

FACT: When we began releasing documentation about the trafficking in baby parts, we revealed by name the individuals, corporations and organizations involved. If we had fabricated this story, or if our documentation had been inaccurate or manufactured, within hours of going public with it our parking lot would have been swarming with lawyers and process servers. The only thing that kept them from burying us in an avalanche of litigation, is the fact that in any libel, slander or defamation lawsuit, truth is an absolute defense. And every person, corporation and organization we named knew that our information was accurate. To this day, not one of them has even so much as threatened us with litigation.

MYTH: The documents used to support the claim that baby parts are being marketed were illegally stolen by burglars working for Life Dynamics.

FACT: Life Dynamics has never participated in nor encouraged anyone else to participate in a burglary. Every single document in question was legally provided to Life Dynamics by Alberty or other whistle-blowers employed in the abortion industry.

MYTH: Miles Jones, the baby parts broker who was featured in the 20/20 piece and who then ignored the Congressional subpoena, is actually just an actor hired by Life Dynamics.

FACT: The lunacy of this claim makes it difficult to address. On one hand, those of us at Life Dynamics are so stupid that we hired an actor to impersonate a living person who is not only well-known in the abortion industry but also has a high-profile history which is easily researched on the internet. At the same time, however, we are so brilliant that we were able to (a) trick the United States Congress into issuing a subpoena for someone who doesn’t exist, and (b) convince the unabashedly pro-abortion ABC News to give us 20 minutes of free airtime on national television to promote our pro-life agenda.