The Marketing of Aborted Baby Parts

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2000 in Reports

Trafficker’s Reactions

Immediately after we began releasing information on the marketing of baby parts, the operator of Opening Lines, Myles Jones, closed his West Frankfort, Illinois, facility and, literally, sneaked out of town in the middle of the night. Since then, we have received several reports about Jones and his assistant, Gayla Rose, resurfacing in other states.

In December of 1999, AGF announced it would no longer be providing baby parts. Apparently, this was in response to public exposure in the media and protests by pro-life activists at their Maryland headquarters.

We have always been aware that there are other wholesalers in the baby parts business besides AGF and Opening Lines. However, we have also learned that some researchers are now cutting out these middlemen and going directly to the abortion clinics. In these cases, the site fee and reimbursement system is often replaced with one based on bartering. Our information is that the most common scenario is for a medical school to provide free pathology reports to an abortion clinic in exchange for free baby cadavers and/or body parts.

This new bartering arrangement seems to be an attempt by the clinics and these schools to blunt any charges that they are trafficking in baby parts. However, if an abortion clinic is trading baby parts for services which it would otherwise have to pay for, and the school is trading services for baby parts it would normally have to buy, both are still in violation of those statutes which prohibit trafficking in human body parts.