Mission Critical

“When your life’s work is defending the unborn, you expect to be attacked. But you don’t expect this!”

My Fellow Pro-life Warrior,

For some time I have been telling you that Life Dynamics has been going through a financial crisis. It has reached the point that it is actually threatening our survival and I had no clue why it was happening. But now I do.

Our problems escalated significantly around October of last year when our donations really started to dry up. We were baffled and desperate for any possible explanation. Was it something the pro-aborts were doing? Had I said or done something to make you or your fellow Life Dynamics supporters angry with me? I had no idea.

Then in March of this year we began to see indications that our mail was being stolen!

I immediately contacted the local postmaster who put me in touch with a criminal investigator from the U.S. Postal Service. He agreed that our conclusion was well-founded and made it clear that this is an extremely serious federal crime. Although he made no guarantees, he said everything possible would be done to find and prosecute those responsible. Eventually, a second investigator also ended up working on the case.

In mid-April, the lead investigator called and told me that two people had been arrested in Dallas with mail in their car that was addressed to Life Dynamics! He said the suspects were a husband and wife team who live here in Denton and that they have a long criminal history – including prior convictions for mail theft. This was the break we needed.

Since then, all doubt has been erased that our mail was indeed being stolen and that these are the people who were stealing it. Our best estimate is that, over several months, these two career criminals cost us at least $100,000 in donations and probably a lot more.

Unfortunately, that money cannot and will not ever be recovered.

While we were grappling with all this, the coronavirus situation hit the country and made our problems even worse. This was a devastating “one-two” punch that forced me to suspend many of our projects and lay off a loyal employee who had been with me for over nine years. Both of these were emotionally traumatic decisions, but I had no choice.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the past few months have been a financial and mental nightmare for us. And while the Postal Service has helped us make the changes necessary to insure that it doesn’t happen again, the thing that haunts me the most is that babies we could have saved with those donations were, instead, brutally slaughtered. Which brings me this terribly important post.

Right now, I’m counting on you to do three crucial things:

  • The first is to pray for us. Nothing you and I will ever do can succeed if we leave God out of it.
  • Second, if you have sent Life Dynamics a donation via the mail, you may have information that could help the authorities prosecute this case and you may not even know it. Please click here to fill out our form.
  • Third, please rush Life Dynamics the very best donation you can. I cannot overstate how much we need your tax-deductible gift. I’m sure that the coronavirus shutdown is affecting you just like it is almost everyone else. But the fact is – even in the midst of this terrible pandemic – no one’s life is at greater risk than the unborn and if we turn our backs on them now they will be killed in increasing numbers. It’s just that simple.


So please send whatever you can TODAY! And you have my promise that your money will be used to fight for every baby without compromise, without exception, and without apology. That has always been the Life Dynamics standard and it always will be.

In closing, I want you to know that everyone here is praying for you and your family during this troubling time. Thank you for all you do for the unborn and may God bless you.


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