Nice Try – No Sale!

On Saturday night, the White House Correspondents Association put on their annual dinner and it followed their traditional, brutally simple, formula.

When the Democrats are in power, the theme of the event is to attack Republicans. When the Republicans are in power, the theme is to attack Republicans.

For this year’s version, the entertainment was a morally bankrupt “comedian” who spewed about 20 minutes of venom and vulgarity directed at members of the Trump administration – some of whom were sitting just feet away. Then, for good measure, she even tossed in a joke about abortion. After all, baby killing is always such a comedy-rich environment. And yes, she did call it a baby.

Once the event was over, the blow-back it generated made it clear that this was going to be a public relations nightmare for the media.

So the White House Correspondents Association, along with most of their fellow travelers in the press corps, immediately went into damage control mode and started feigning righteous outrage at what had been said.

This is a scam.

First off, the people who hired this woman, and the media who chose to attend, knew exactly who she is and what she is. The fact is, nothing she said was in the least bit out of character or unanticipated. They may not have known the exact words she would use, but they knew what she would say.

However, if you think that the indignation shown by these people – for getting precisely what they signed up for – would be the height of their hypocrisy, think again. In an editorial published this morning, the Dallas Morning News asserts that “good-hearted roasts” are “hard to pull off when the subject is a no-show.” In other words, this whole sorry episode was Donald Trump’s fault and if he had just been in the room none of this would have happened.

The amazing thing is not that the Dallas Morning News editorial staff would make such a preposterous statement, but that they honestly think the American people are stupid enough to buy it.


-Mark Crutcher

President of Life Dynamics