Planned Parenthood – A Hidden Agenda

By: Mark Crutcher

President, Life Dynamics
Within the abortion industry, it has been known for years that Planned Parenthood is trying to squeeze out all the independent abortion clinics and establish a monopoly in America’s abortion business.

At Life Dynamics, we have seen incident after incident where, in a given area of the country, three or four independent clinics will shut down and be immediately replaced with one new Planned Parenthood facility.

Not surprisingly, this campaign has often resulted in bitter feelings between Planned Parenthood and the people who operate these other facilities. These independents can see what’s going on, but they don’t have either the financial or political clout to compete against Planned Parenthood.

Meanwhile, those in the pro-life movement who are aware of this situation tent to dismiss it as an internal squabble within the abortion industry that has no meaningful impact on us. But that conclusion overlooks the possibility that this take-over campaign is actually part of a more ambitious agenda brewing beneath the surface.

There are indications that Planned Parenthood’s real objective is to become an agency of the federal government.

The most probable scenario is that they are trying to be brought into the ObamaCare system as a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In my new book, Siege, this frightening possibility is discussed at length, including the evidence that the process to make this happen has been in motion for years. It also introduces a few of the profound dangers it poses to the pro-life effort.

Obviously, if we conclude this threat is real, we need to be addressing it right now. We cannot afford to wait around for the press conference in which a bunch of pro-abortion politicians, bureaucrats and Planned Parenthood types are telling the country its a done deal.

This is the time to act.


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Mark Crutcher is the president of Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas
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