The Pro-Life Movement Has Been Given A Reprieve

God has given the pro-life movement a reprieve … or maybe “a stay of execution” would be more accurate.

To fully appreciate what I mean, imagine what our future would look like had Hillary Clinton been elected President.

During the campaign, it became clear that she was prepared to do everything in her power to destroy us and force you and me to take a direct role in the killing of babies. She’d have been far worse than her husband ever was. And right up until election day itself, all signs indicated she was going to win. And we have God to thank for that.

In saying this, I’m not extolling the pro-life credentials of Donald Trump. From my perspective he’s still an unknown. In fact, I’m pretty sure that ending abortion is not at the top of his priority list.

Still, I’m very pleased with many of the people he’s surrounding himself with, including long-time pro-life champions like Vice President Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway and others. I’m counting on these people to keep Mr. Trump in line when it comes to pro-life issues.

But no matter what any of us think about Donald Trump, his biggest virtue may be that he’s NOT Hillary Clinton. And because he’s not, windows of opportunity have opened up for us. The problem is, there’s simply no telling how long these windows will remain open.

It could be eight years. It could be four years. It could be only two years. Possibly even less. There’s simply no way of knowing.


The one thing I know for certain is that the time to capitalize on opportunities is when you have them!


This is especially important given the upcoming battle in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. Our lawmakers are going to need every shred of evidence we can give them if they are going to overcome the pro-abortion bias of the news media and convince our fellow Americans that defunding Planned Parenthood is a good thing for the country.

Already, one Congressional panel is using information from previous Life Dynamics undercover operations in this effort. And with a favorable President and Congress in control of our government, more and more activists are coming to Life Dynamics and asking us to train them in how to get information out of the abortion industry…

It is also at this crucial time that we are seeing the impact that Life Dynamics and other pro-life organizations are having in the Black community. We continue to send out thousands of DVDs, and are taking calls for information about our Maafa 21 documentary on an almost daily basis. And because of the effort to defund Planned Parenthood, we are already seeing that calls to us for information on Planned Parenthood’s black genocide are going to increase in the coming months. Make no mistake, our Maafa 21 project will play a major role in the fight to end abortion.

The list of our current amazing opportunities goes on and on.

While Life Dynamics continues to find new ways to bring down the abortion industry, the point I want to stress with you again is this: four years from now I don’t want to look back and say with regret, “I sure wish we could go back to 2017 because now I understand just how precious those days were, and how much we should have done to capitalize on the reprieve God had given our nation.”

Mark my words. These days are golden. But they won’t last forever – and they may not come again. That is why I continue to say that:

The single biggest mistake the pro-life movement could make today is to see this as a chance to sit back and take a break from the fight.


You have my word that Life Dynamics is NOT going to make that mistake.

Today, 3,000 precious babies are going to be legally butchered in American abortion mills … and another 3,000 will die tomorrow … and the next day … and the next day … and every day until we win.

That reality is what drives me to work as hard as I can to find ways to end abortion and stop the killing. At this moment in our history, that’s the sense of urgency each of us must have.

God is watching us right now. We cannot afford to disappoint Him. After all, He entrusted this fight to us because He determined that you and I have the dedication and the tenacity to stay the course, run the race to its finish, and stop this killing. Still, the clock is ticking on the reprieve that God has given us and Life Dynamics is not about to squander this opportunity.

That’s why I’m asking you to partner with Life Dynamics as we double down on our work and try even harder to deliver a knockout punch to the abortion industry. Without you and your fellow Life Dynamics ministry partners, we can do nothing to take advantage of the opportunities God has presented to us.

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