The Sucker-Punched Nun

On the front page of today’s Dallas Morning News is a gushing story about a nun, Sister Norma Pimentel. Accompanying the article is a large full-color photo showing the kindly nun welcoming a line of illegal immigrants into the country.

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I do not know Sister Norma but I would like to think that she is a nice lady who is doing what she thinks God would want her to do.

I will also assume that she has no idea she is being used in a dog-and-pony show staged by the national media to (a) lionize those members of the religious community that oppose the Trump administration’s enforcement of America’s immigration laws, and (b) portray the administration as a collection of heartless goons who – if given the opportunity – would round up every man, woman or child who tries to enter the country illegally and march them into a gas chamber. And just to make sure that no one misses the point of this charade, moral degenerates like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are showcased reading from the Bible to explain their opposition to Trump’s policies.

This is a scam. What the Sister Normas of the world need to understand is that, if they were protesting in front of abortion clinics, they would never be characterized as noble crusaders acting on their sincerely held religious views. Instead, the Godless-Left and their media stooges would vilify them for “trying to force their religious views on everyone else.” Of course, this is not a charge they are making in this case, so I guess we can conclude that the unforgivable sin being committed by the unborn is that they are not in the country illegally.


-Mark Crutcher

President of Life Dynamics