Surprise. Surprise.

A fire breaks out in the forest and all the animals start running for their lives. Eventually, they reach a river that will provide safety to those who can get to the other side. A rabbit is poised to jump in when a snake calls to him, “I can’t swim, can I ride across on your back?”

The rabbit is wary and says, “No, you’re a snake and you’ll kill me if I let you get that close.” The snake pleads, “That’s not true, you would be saving my life. You would be my friend. Why would I harm you?”

Out of compassion, the rabbit finally relents and lets the snake climb on his back. Once they safely reach the other bank, the snake sinks his fangs into the rabbit’s throat. Before he dies, the rabbit asks, “Why? Why did you do this to me? I was the one who helped you.”

The snake replied, “Look, you knew I was a snake all along.”

Now, if you want to blow-off the message in that, simply because it is nothing more than a fictional story, that’s fine. But don’t think that message doesn’t play out in the real world. In fact, try this on for size. The Obama administration’s Department of Justice has just been caught spying on – are you ready for this – THE ASSOCIATED PRESS!

You heard right. The very people who made this degenerate president, and have consistently insulated him from his own incompetence and corruption, just got bit on the throat.

You gotta’ love it.