To Trust or Not To Trust

Since day one, our enemies have made it clear that they even they know abortion cannot be defended on its own merits.  So their strategy has been deflect attention onto some other subject.

A perfect example of this is their claim that the real issue isn’t abortion, but whether we trust women to be their own moral agents.  By using the term “moral agents” to describe women who submit to abortion, they hope to create the illusion that women who hire serial killers to slaughter their children do so out of some kind of moral conviction.  The pro-choice crowd realizes that if they can sell that nonsense, the public might ignore what abortion really is.

To understand how asinine this “trust women” rhetoric is, imagine some politician saying he opposes laws against rape because he “trusts men to be their own moral agents.”

Or imagine that a woman is scheduled to have an abortion tomorrow, but gives birth in her home today.  If the baby survives, should she be allowed to kill it?  After all, the child was going to be killed the next day anyway.  Why should she lose her “right to choose” because of a premature delivery that was beyond her control?  Is she only allowed to pay someone else to kill her baby, but not allowed to kill it herself?  Are we saying that we only trust women to make good moral decisions while they’re pregnant?

And if we are supposed to just blindly trust women, why not trust them across the board?  Let’s allow each woman to make her own moral choice about whether to stop at red lights, embezzle money from her employer, write bad checks, use cocaine, or become a prostitute.  Let’s also exempt all female business owners from discrimination laws which make it illegal for companies to refuse employment or service to minorities.  In fact, every law prevents women from choosing to engage in some activity and says that women can’t be trusted to make that particular decision.  So why isn’t the choice mafia screaming that women should be exempted from all laws?  I mean, do they trust women or don’t they?

The fact is, this whole “trust women” argument is a rhetorical con-game.  Every rational person knows that the only reason for the law to even exist is because people – men and women – can’t be trusted to always do what’s right.  And we pass laws to keep them from inflicting their immoral decisions on others.