Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion

Posted on Sunday, September 9, 2012 in Reports

Stewart-McKinnie, Ceeatta Kim | 23 | 2002 | VA | Abortion Motive Self-Evident Ms. Stewart-McKinnie was killed by Willis Edward Anderson after he learned that she was pregnant with his child. When her body was found, police estimated that she had been struck at least 25 times with a heavy tool or hammer. At trial, it was shown that Anderson killed her because he was concerned that the pregnancy was going to interfere with his way of life and force him to pay child support. One of Ms. Stewart-McKinnie’s relatives testified that she had undergone a previous abortion and had repeatedly stated that she would never have another one. In 2002, Anderson was convicted of her murder and given 50 years in prison. [Washington Post 12-20-2004 • Richmond Times Dispatch 11-8-2002 • Supreme Court of Virginia Record #032661]

Stowe, Rebecca Lynn | 15 | 1993 | MI | Abortion Motive Confirmed
More than two years after Ms. Stowe disappeared from her home, her body was found on property owned by her boyfriend’s uncle. She had been strangled and her neck was broken. Authorities established that the boyfriend, Robert Eugene Leamon, had killed her because she was pregnant with his child and had refused his demand to have an abortion. In 1997, a jury convicted Leamon of murdering Ms. Stowe and sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. [Michigan Court of Appeals No. 201833 • Detroit Free Press 3-1-1997]

Stuart, Carol DiMaiti | 30 | 1989 | MA | Abortion Motive Confirmed
Ms. Stuart was shot in the head and her husband, Charles, was shot in the stomach while they sat in the family car. He told police that they were attacked and robbed by a black man, setting off a manhunt in Boston’s black neighborhoods and the arrest of a suspect. Hovever, police eventually determined that Charles Stuart had murdered his wife and then shot himself in an effort to support his robbery claim. Witnesses, including Stuart’s brother, testified that he had sought their help in killing his wife because she was pregnant and refused to have an abortion. Before the case could go to trial, Stuart committed suicide. [Newsday 3-6-2003 • New York Times 1-21-1990 • Time Magazine 1-24-2001]

Sulk, Daphne Kristel | 15 | 1997 | WY | Abortion Motive Confirmed
Ms. Sulk was pregnant by 38-year-old Kevin James Robinson when her body was found in a wooded area. She had been savagely beaten and stabbed 17 times in the neck and chest. Witnesses testified that Robinson murdered her in a violent rage because he had demanded that she have an abortion and she would not agree to do so. In 1998, he was convicted and sentenced to 22-to-29 years in prison. [The Associated Press 8-31-1998 / 9-28-2000 • The Supreme Court of Wyoming #99-167]

Taylor, Crystal Dejuanna | 27 | 2001 | CA | Abortion Motive Confirmed
According to authorities, Skyler Jefferson Moore ambushed Ms. Taylor in the carport of her home and shot her to death. Homicide detectives say that she was pregnant with the child of Derek Paul Smyder who had paid Moore to kill her because she refused to have an abortion. However, police did not have enough evidence to file charges until October of 2011 when they got a break in the case. Currently, Smyder is awaiting trial for capital murder in Ms. Taylor’s death and Moore is serving life without parole for an unrelated murder. [KABC Ch. 7 News 11-9-2011 • DailyBreeze.com 11-9-2011]

Taylor, Kyunia | 15 | 1996 | MO | Abortion Motive Self-Evident
Ms. Taylor was sitting on a school bus when Malik Nettles came on board and shot her to death. At the time, she was pregnant by her 29-year-old next-door neighbor, Mark Boyd. Law enforcement investigators later determined that Boyd had paid Nettles $4,000 to kill Ms. Taylor because he was already paying support for two other children. He was also concerned that he might be prosecuted for statutory rape. In 1998, Boyd was convicted of murder and given 26 years in prison. Nettles was convicted of capital murder and given life. [C-J Online News 1-11-1998 • St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3-31-1998 • Missouri Court of Appeals # 73807]