Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion

Posted on Sunday, September 9, 2012 in Reports

Bonaventure, Sandra | 21 | 2002 | NY | Abortion Motive Confirmed
Ms. Bonaventure was strangled by Emmanuel Pierre. Law enforcement officials say that Pierre killed the college junior because she was pregnant with his child and had refused to have an abortion. One witness quoted Pierre as telling Ms. Bonaventure that, “You’ll have that baby over my dead body.” Another stated that Pierre was complaining to him “every other day” about her refusal to have an abortion. In 2005, Pierre was convicted of her murder and given 25-years-to-life in prison. [The New York Daily News 4-17-2004 / 4-
8-2005; The New York Post 4-5-2005]

Bost, Tinesha Amdricko | 17 | 2000 | NC | Abortion Motive Confirmed
Ms. Bost was murdered by her 29-year-old boyfriend, Charles Francis Graham. According to court documents, Ms. Bost was pregnant with Graham’s baby and he had ordered her to get an abortion because he said he already had too many kids. When she refused, Graham enlisted the help of two other men to lure Ms. Bost to a local pond where she was shot in the back of the head. In 2002 he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life without parole. [North Carolina Court of Appeals No. COA 03-788 • Charlotte Observer
2-25-2000 / 12-10-2001]

Boyd, Anastasia Latrice | 24 | 2010 | FL | Abortion Motive Self-Evident
Law enforcement officials say that Larry J. Reed shot Ms. Boyd in the chest during an argument over her pregnancy. Family members told investigators that Ms. Boyd was determined to have her baby despite Reed’s fierce objections. Police say that Reed initially told them that Ms. Boyd had committed suicide but he later admitted that he shot her. In 2010, he was indicted for second-degree murder. [St. Petersburg Times
3-25-2010 • Channel 8 News St Petersburg 3-24-2010]

Browne, Zaneta | 29 | 2002 | NY | Abortion Motive Confirmed
Ms. Browne was pregnant with the twins of Jerold L. Ponder when he shot her in the head. Ponder’s wife, Keya, was also charged in the killing because she bought the gun used in the attack and later helped to dispose of the body. Investigators were able to determine that Ms. Browne was murdered because she refused Ponder’s demand to have an abortion. Eventually, both Jerold and Keya Ponder were found guilty of murder and given prison sentences of more than 25 years. [Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 2-1-2003 /
5-3-2003 • WHEC-TV News 10 7-22-2002]

Burnett, Stephanie Nicole | 16 | 2002 | GA | Abortion Motive Confirmed
According to law enforcement officials, Matthew John Wiedman killed Ms. Burnett because she was pregnant with his baby and would not agree to have an abortion. During a meeting with Wiedman, he and an accomplice, Raymond Anthony Soto, attacked Ms. Burnett with a steel dumbbell and repeatedly stabbed her with a long-bladed knife. An autopsy revealed that every bone in her face was broken, her skull was crushed and her throat was slashed. In 2003, Wiedman and Soto were convicted of her murder and given life in prison. [The Augusta Chronicle 4-23 & 24-2002 / 4-23-2003]

Carter, Ardena Marie | 23 | 2003 | GA | Abortion Motive Self-Evident
Michael Antonio Natson killed Ms. Carter by shooting her in the head. Investigators determined that Ms. Carter was pregnant with Natson’s child and had stated that she intended to give birth to the baby. They say he killed her to avoid paying child support. In 2007, a jury found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to life in prison without parole. [WSFA-12 News 3-5-2007 • FBI Press Release 6-22-2005]